Berry Hill Pet Transport


Fully insured and Defra licensed specialised service for your pets using a professionally modified car. Our vehicle features a climate controlled, well ventilated pet compartment that can be used as one large kennel or divided into two smaller kennels.


For the less abled dogs we have a ramp and lifting strap for ease of access.


We cater to any trip length and carry water and bowls for longer journeys and we are happy to give food and medication on route where necessary (To be provided by the owner).



£0.50 Per Mile.

£2.50 For Every 15 Mins Or Part Of.

Milage Charge May Include Travel To Collection Location/Return From Destination Location.

£20 Minimum Charge.


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Example: Transport to vet and return home.

Distance To Vets, 10 Miles (20 Mile Round Trip), Milage Charge = £10.00

Total Time Including Waiting Time, 1 1/2 Hours = £15.00

Total Cost = £25.00


Long Haul Trips May Include Cost Of Overnight Stay.